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Building Investigation Services Cork and Tipperary

Our Survey Department offers a number of options to suit our Clients needs:

building survey call out service Our fast call out service is designed to offer guidance to home owners on isolated problems of fungal growth, woodworm infestation, damp or other maintenance issues which can arise in any older property. Fee on request  

Building pre purchase inspection services Our pre purchase inspection service which is usually followed by a walk through assessment of the building directly with the Client”. This service is designed to allow the Client an opportunity to become more familiar with any defects in the property and also ask our Surveyor relevant questions before committing to a final purchase.  Survey fees on request.

Depending on the Client’s continuing level of interest in the building this option can also include a full written report. Survey & Report fees on request.

building inspection and investigation services Our building investigation service is intended to provide Clients with an “in depth analysis of damp and decay issues” within an older building prior to the commencement of renovation woks.

As the true extent of damage and decay in an older building is hidden, it is usually necessary to undertake at least some detailed opening up to facilitate proper inspection.

As we understand traditional building techniques we can undertake the opening up and extract solid information in great detail with the minimum disruption to original building elements. This approach is especially important when investigating protected structures and where original building fabric must be protected.

Our investigation work and our written schedule of damp and decay damage, is designed to provide practical information to the Architect, Engineer or Home Owner in planning the final building restoration process.

Our work is primarily designed to minimise future unforeseen works which always seem to arise on restoration contracts.  Survey fees and investigation costs on request.
Building Investigation

Building Investigation Services Cork TipperaryBuilding Investigation Services Cork Tipperary

Building Investigation Services Cork Tipperary