We provide a number of separate and distinct services to home owners and clients renovating or purchasing older domestic and period properties.

These services include:

dampness, mould growth, woodworm, fungal infestation problems solutions A fast call out service to quickly identify and advise on localised problems of dampness, mould growth, woodworm & fungal infestation issues.

surveying and building investigation A specialist surveying & building investigation service to undertakes detailed damp and timber decay surveys on older properties and also to advise on relevant conservation and building renovation issues.

contracting specialist damp proofing and timber preservation treatment A contracting division to undertake specialist damp proofing and timber preservation treatment works.

DIY treatment of dampness condensation woodworm dry rot problems A sales division to supply specialist materials to the TRADE and DIY industry for the treatment of dampness, condensation, woodworm & dry rot problems.


Building Surveys

Building Surveys and Investigations Cork Tipperary
Dry & Wet Rot

Dry Rot Wet Rot Specialists Cork Tipperary

Woodworm Treatment Cork Tipperary

Condensation Problems Black Mould Cork Tipperary
Rising Damp

Rising Damp Issues Cork Tipperary
Specialist ContractingDamp Timber treatment contractor cork tipperary